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A Warm Welcome

For me, life coaching aims to help you achieve clarity,awareness and self-confidence to work through issues that hold you back from enjoying a challenging and harmonious life and assist you to go after your goals and aspirations. To open you up to new opportunities and more from life. It is a non-judgmental, easy flowing, conversational process. 

Coaching is not a therapy. It does not focus on the past, it doesn't deal with addictions or personal psychological traumas. Coaching is a present day and future orientated process for self- fulfilment; to take you from where you are today, to where you want to be and get you to what you want to achieve. 

Personal and professional experience have shown me  also that you are who you are, with all your inner perceptions, beliefs, and outer challenges and circumstances. Mind, Body and Soul included.

I believe, therefore, that successful coaching has to be based on an understanding of all factors and areas and not just focus on superficial behaviours and life circumstances only.
My background has provided with much awareness of human nature and behaviour which I can draw upon when coaching. I don't make promises I can’t complete, and obviously we wont know what you are capable of and what the coach can support and provide you with, until we start.

Make the Change

If you are in the mood for change  AND want to do something about it, I can assist you to get wherever you want to be.

  • Do you feel that currently you aren’t reaching your potential and feeling fulfilled?

  • Is there a gap of where you are now to where you want to be?

  • Do you sometimes feel you don’t have the skills, resources or confidence to get something complete?

  • Do you feel stuck and put off making decisions or fail to stick to those decisions you have made?

  • Are you ready to entertain new and fresh ideas?

  • Are you willing to be accountable for what you desire?

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“With awareness there comes choice. And so you are able to say: "I allow this moment to be as it is". And then, suddenly, where before there was irritation, there is now a sense of aliveness and peace. And out of that comes right action.”   

Eckhart Tolle


“The power is within you. It always has been. How far are you willing to expand the horizons of your thinking and stir that power awake?”  

Louise Hay

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